Welcome to the Stargate Side! The new improvements now boast SG-1 and SGA sides, fiction is now seperated as well as walls, avatars and banners - all located under decor.

So what is Stargate? Currently SG-1 is in its 10th season, while SGA is in its 3rd. It's a sci-fi show all about two teams of travelers - one from Earth the other from the lost city of Atlantis -  both set in modern day - who travel to other worlds, fighting the evil that wants to take over Earth and enslave all mankind. Ya know, the basic scifi thing. But this one has cute guys...
     Among 'gaters, I am known as a 'shipper' - meaning I like the relationship (friend, lover... whatever) between two of the main (and sometimes non-main) characters of the show. I personally 'ship' the small but mighty ship of Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson. I am a S/D rebel!
      Now, I may be a shipper (and a loud one at that sometimes), but I tend to keep my shipping to fanfics only. That's because the writers have proven - to me at least - that they don't know how to treat a 10-year-old relationship between two leading scientists.
     There are TONS of shippers out there - and since there are so many of us, we tend to butt heads about what we
want to see, how we want to see it and how it would impact the SG universe. In this regard, I am of a 'let ship' attitude. We agree to disagree, but not let it ruin our show, nor the enjoyment of it.
      I know, I know, it sounds as if we have thought about this way too much. And sadly we may have. I am fully aware thate this is only a TV show...
      Stargate Atlantis is the spin-off show that I am not a shipper as of yet. Within the Atlantis shipper world I am starting to be swayed by the Weir/McKay relationship. I also like the Tayla/Ronan relationship.
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